Bray seafront- 9 Strand Road Bray Wicklow


Matsu Ramen’s all-natural tonkotsu broth is extracted from 100% pork bones. Our smooth like silk and deep flavored tonkotsu broth is cooked for 12 hours and skimmed to perfection so that the ultimate flavor of pork is drawn out.

The chef has extensive experience in Washoku, the traditional way of cooking healthy and savory Japanese food which was enlisted in 2014 as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. He was inspired by his Yamagata roots, where his grandfather owned a ramen shop. Because of these and his strong desire to bring to Ireland the "REAL" taste of Japan, Matsu Ramen was born. "OISHII TO IRELAND!"

Preorder food from Sunday to Wednesday. Deliveries every Thursday and Saturday. Delivery time is 5pm to 9pm. FREE DELIVERY for orders above €60.